Many homeowners are becoming more aware of the impact of their actions on the environment and pride themselves on living sustainably. Whether you are a first timer or a full blown eco-warrior, these five simple home improvement tweaks will make a real difference.

1. Upcycling

There are no limits to what can be created by upcycling. Not only is it cost-effective, but anyone can give it a go, with no previous skills required. Reducing household furniture waste that can’t be recycled by upcycling and giving it a brand new look is a simple way to begin to live sustainably.

2. Go toxic free

Lots of household products contain large amounts of toxins and gases. Switching to eco-friendly cleaning brands for a toxin-free deep clean is a quick and easy way to instantly reduce your carbon footprint. Air fresheners and aerosols are also harmful to the atmosphere, so try an alternative such as a charcoal air purifier or a natural spray. You can also buy paints that contain low or zero (volatile organic compounds), or non-toxic paints.

A recent study found that having a leafy plant in your house[1] can help to absorb harmful volatile organic compounds, one of the main categories of pollutant gases. The most effective is the bromeliad plant, which removes over 80 per cent of toxins in the air, and also makes a beautiful home accessory.

3. Natural Materials

Incorporating sustainably-sourced eco-materials into your home is a great way to modernise with a conscience. Anglian Home Improvements’ Heritage Timber Collection, a range of wooden casement and sash windows, doors and conservatories, are perfect for homeowners looking to embrace the natural timber trend.

As well as looking to incorporate wood into your home, materials such as cork, bamboo and recycled glass are sustainable and durable materials, which make great options for flooring or kitchen countertops. Incorporating natural textiles into your styling, such as wool or hemp, can create a relaxed and cosy feel to a room, while also being eco-friendly.

4. Energy Efficient Windows

If you love the idea of living a more sustainable life and reducing your carbon footprint, don’t forget to look beyond interior design. Installing energy-efficient windows will not only transform the look of your property and dial up the kerb appeal, but it is also a sure-fire way to minimise energy consumption and keep your home warmer, quieter and safer.

5. Plastic-free home

Swapping plastic containers for glass jars or tins, having a wooden washing up brush and using ceramic or glass bowls are all quick and easy ways to reduce your plastic use. Start small by replacing your household items with plastic-free alternatives where possible, and watch the changes add up.

A spokesperson from Anglian Home Improvements commented: “As a nation, Brits are undoubtedly making a conscious effort to minimise our impact on the environment – from making lifestyle changes in order to cut down on single use plastics, to buying more ethically. Giving a little thought to how we live in our homes and how we can make ‘greener’ or more socially-responsible choices when it comes to home improvements can also help to make a big difference to the future of our planet.”


Source Demo Design

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